Quartz Powder in India

Quartz Powder in India

Quartz Powder in India offered by Earth MineChem. Quartz is essential and very important and useful mineral on the earth. Quartz mineral is utilize in grain form and it is also using as a grind form. Quartz is having the most part of silica in it and formed in clear and transparent form. A good quality of Quartz can have silica up to 99.50%. Quartz is stiff like Diamond. We are the pitman and suppliers of Quartz powder as per the customer’s need.

quartz powder in india


Quartz Industrial Uses-

Earth Minechem offer Quartz mineral for many uses. Quartz it is very necessary and important mineral for industrial utilization. Quartz powder is content mineral is used in glass manufacturing industries. But the Quartz grains and quartz powder both are different industrial or business in uses. Quartz powder’s dusts lump are also very useful for manufacturing wall coatings paints industrial utilize.

We offer the various quality specifications to ensure that our products are free from impurities and vice. Our quartz lump are made from the superior quality of quartz stone with maximum precision to provide required size and quality to our valuable customer’s.


Quartz Powder in India

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4th Floor, 29-gurudwara Marg, Alka Hotel Road, O/s Dehligate, Udaipur, Rajasthan – 313001, India


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